Friday, September 18, 2009

When is a good time to can this?

So.. if you can.. and if you're anything like me.. you totally lose track of when things get ripe.. and then get caught unaware.. and end up doing a grocery shop with half the weekly budget going to buying one type of thing to can.. and the rest of the groceries kinda getting forgotten about.
Then I found this list.. totally awesome!

It's also great to know what's in season locally so that you can be sure to support local economy, eat the freshest produce possible, get the biggest nutritional bang for your buck, and get the BEST tasting food possible!

so.. here's the list
First.. Strawberries, first week of june until mid july

Then.. cherries, mid june til mid july
wax beans mid june until mid october
broccoli and cauliflower mid june until end of october
peas mid june until early october

then.. blueberries, early july until late september
peaches, mid july until mid september
carrots mid july until end of october
tomatoes mid july until mid october
apples, mid july until mid october

then.. grapes mid august until mid october
pears late august until mid october
squash mid august until end of october

This is all relevant to zone 5... or niagara region at least :)

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